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Let students use the SCC Bikes

Written by Tristan Ramirez de Haro ( ( on Monday, October 02, 2017 at 05:07 PM

Dear Student Union, I want to make a petition that you advocate against the person or people in charge of renting the SCC bikes, so that students can use them. I have been hearing for two semesters in the information desk that the person who is in charge of running the service is not here, but they will be next semester. My freshman and sophmore years I used to rent those bikes nearly every week, and now that I have a job outside campus I'm forced to pay multiple uber rides. I've tried for 1 month to find a decently priced bike on the internet and its just been imposible. Could you please use your leverage as the student union to get the bike service back in operation. Thank you, Tristan

2 For 0 Against